Competitor Analysis Tool
Unveil your competitors' ad campaigns
All-in-one report with competitors' ad copies, creatives, keywords and URLs. Discover and get ideas for your growth.
Each report includes:
Lists of ad copies: search ads, display ads, banner ads and HTML5 ads
Landing page URLs
Keyword frequency — the percentage of the competitors that use this query
how it works
Select a country from the list and add the URL to your competitor's website.
Download the report in XLSX format.
Stay one step ahead of your competitors.
Discover your competitors' ads and use this data to overtake your rivals.
Save time spent on monitoring competitors' ads
Use the competitor analysis tool to collect data from your rivals in a matter of minutes.
Get ideas to boost your ad campaigns
In-depth analysis of your competitors' ads gives you an opportunity to uncover keywords you might've overlooked.
Coming soon!
Competitor analysis for Facebook Ads
Conduct in-depth analysis of your competitors' Google and Facebook ads in one place.
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